Bringing It All Together

Metal stamping is usually just one process that goes into a larger finished component. Several stamped pieces may eventually be combined, along with other components, such as electrical wiring, rivets, and complex moving parts. This is a subassembly process, and it can be incredibly precise and detailed work, depending on specific customer requirements.

Precision subassembly work is particularly important when the finished component is going to be used in machines where even small manufacturing errors at the component level are unacceptable.

The types of metal stampings produced by R&M High Speed Stampings adhere to some of the strictest requirements because we serve industry segments where tolerance errors are unacceptable. These industry segments include electronics, medical, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace and more.

Our parts and subassembly processes rely on the experience and expertise of our staff as well as state-of-the-art computer modeling and industry-leading machinery to ensure all finished components meet our customer’s expectations. Contact us today!