Precision Metal Stamping Services in Minneapolis, MN and across the US

Why Precision Matters For Your Business

Today’s tools and machinery can be incredibly complex, demanding precision detailed components that require an astonishing amount of accuracy.

R&M High Speed Stampings specializes in precision metal stamping, from ultra thin micro-miniature to medium sized metal stamping. Our precision metal stamping process can create metal parts as small as a microcircuit or as large as a medical saw blade. We can also produce your metal stampings in a continuous strip or as individual parts.

Simply put, if a metal component can be stamped, R&M High Speed Stampings can create that component to your customized specifications. We will produce orders ranging from less than 10,000 parts to more than a billion parts. We’ll work with you from the rapid prototyping to the final mass production. Our facility is equipped with industry-leading precision metal stamping equipment and design software that can maintain strict tolerances to deliver optimum part performance.

We provide precision metal stampings for a wide variety of businesses, including the electronics, medical, automotive, and telecommunications industries.

If your business requires precision metal stampings to keep your processes operating efficiently and accurately, R&M High Speed Stampings can fill your precision metal stamping requirements. Contact us today.