Medical Equipment and the Use of Electronic Components Made With Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

At R&M High Speed Stamping, we specialize in providing high quality precision stamped parts to rapidly growing and evolving industries such as the electronics, medical, and automotive industries. To meet the high demands of today’s technological manufacturing market, our parts need to maintain our consistent mark of design and production excellence. In the medical market, our parts go into areas of the industry that fabricate equipment designed to provide medical diagnosis and treatment. In some ways, we have the responsibility of other’s lives in our hands when we produce our precision-based parts with R&M High Speed Stamping metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

Aspects of our design and production often come together, and our engineers and floor operations combine skills, knowledge, and experience. One such example is the combination of our electrical parts and medical parts production. Our specialization in electronic components plays a significant role in several types of medical equipment.

Electronic Medical Equipment

The technology of medicine has exponentially increased in ability since the early 1960’s and R&M High Speed Stamping’s beginnings in the industry of medical equipment parts. Today, electronic components allow digital and mechanical functions to combine in certain Medical equipment, providing medical professionals with extremely accurate diagnostic information, surgical performance, and treatment options. Some examples of complex medical technology using metal stamped electronic components to feed power and information from digital to mechanical parts include the following:

  • MRI, CAT, PET, CT and x-ray visual diagnostic machines
  • Infusion treatment pumps, medical grade lasers, LASIK machines, and other high-accuracy surgical equipment
  • Medical-grade ventilators, incubation pods, digital anesthetic machines, dialysis machines, heart-lung equipment, and other life support machines
  • Microscopic analysis equipment for blood, viral, bacterial, urine, genetic, and other molecular examination
  • Monitors for hospitalized patients and blood pressure readers
  • At-home self-diagnostic equipment
  • Physical therapy motion control machinery and muscle/bone/joint diagnostic readers

Because so many kinds of advanced medical equipment depend on the use of digital and mechanical technology, the use of high precision electronic components is key. With the precision stamped parts R&M High Speed Stamping provides to the medical market, the state-of-the-art health care and medical science equipment can rely on smooth communication between the digital and the machine.

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