Lean Manufacturing Productivity for Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

At R&M High Speed Stamping, we specialize in creating the best product design and performing the highest quality production on the market plus also have a company-wide emphasis on promoting efficiency and optimizing waste reduction. Our services for rapid prototyping and precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN each make use of Just-In-Time manufacturing and lean production for the benefits of our customers, the industry, and the environment.

The engineering involved in creating precision metal stamped parts is mirrored in the design patterns of creating a system that follows lean manufacturing standards and low-waste industrial-level production.

A Background of Lean Manufacturing

Since the late 1980s, the principles of lean production have become a widely-accepted industrial system of management in automotive, electronics, telecommunications, medical, aerospace, aviation, and countless other production markets.

The concept of lean manufacturing grew from the Japanese “Muda,” Muri,” and “Mura” (“waste,” “overburden,” and “work load”). This trifecta of inevitable sections of industrial production can be put together in many different ways, but the ideals of lean manufacturing work to minimize the production of waste with a balanced work load, while keeping overburden at arms-length as an abstract concept to avoid.

In short, lean manufacturing today works to fabricate products based on demand of the client, without stockpiling inventory and wasting resources with an overburden of manufacturing.

Lean Production at R&M High Speed Stamping

For over 50 years, R&M High Speed Stamping has worked to continually improve our lean manufacturing productivity. Today, we offer our customers industry-leading standards of design and production quality in rapid prototyping and precision metal stamping. Not only do our Just-In-Time production methods function as waste and cost reducers for design and production, this system also works in tandem with our value-added, specialty packaging, and Just-In-Time delivery services.

If your goal is for high-precision parts with unparalleled design and production quality, look no further than R&M High Speed Stamping. Not only do our expert teams of engineers and technicians work to provide product excellence, R&M High Speed Stamping continues to offer the additional benefits of lowered cost and reduced waste with our lean manufacturing productivity system.

To learn more about our system of lean manufacturing with rapid prototyping and precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact us at (763) 533-1501 today.