Heat Treatment Used in Tandem with Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

For the production of high quality precision-stamped parts, the use of high quality materials is needed. Although many metals and metal alloys have adequate strength, hardness, workability, and ductility without the need for further treatments, there are many metals that benefit from the added processes of heat treating. At R&M High Speed Stamping, our value-added services include several types of heat treatments for metals that need an increase in a certain property to fit the function of a part made with our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN.

While many of the materials for our precision-based parts exceed expectations in levels of metal properties, TEC recognizes the need for heat treatment for the production of certain parts. The options for heat treatment available to our customers include:

  • Tempering

R&M High Speed Stamping’s value-added services offer general tempering for any iron alloys, including most steels. This process removes excessive hardness from steels after production, making those metals more flexible and tough. Steels treated at higher temperature will have lower hardness and greater flexibility, whereas steel tools like punching dies are treated at lower temperatures to preserve hardness while eliminating brittleness

  • Austempering

Austempering is a variation of tempering used to lower risks of distortion in the metal during the production and use of a part made from that material. The process creates various stabilized ferrite structures in high-ferrous metals and is thus named for the austenite structures it produces in cast iron

  • Annealing

This heat treatment process can be used for several types of metals and metal alloys, including steel, copper, brass, and silver. Annealing heats metals above recrystallization and allows diffusion of atoms into a more homogenous structure. The process improves ductility and makes materials more workable by reducing hardness

  • Stress Relieving

In production, most metals are heated and cooled quickly and may not solidify in uniform structures. This provides several chances for stress pockets within the metal. In high-force production like precision metal stamping where a level of extreme accuracy is needed, stress relieving heat treatment is often key. The process reintroduces metals to softening temperatures at uniform heat points and temperature increases. The metal is then cooled in the same, uniform process, eliminating any stress pockets

Along with heat treatment options, R&M High Speed Stamping’s value-added services provide any extra attentions to detail necessary to offer our customers an experience of excellence in metal stamping production. For more information about precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact R&M High Speed Stamping at (763) 533-1501 today.