The Role of Deburring During Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

At R&M High Speed Stamping, we specialize in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, but to meet our end goal of production excellence, there are many other steps to the process outside of a high-quality stamped part. When it comes to producing a part with the necessary level of completion for customer approval, offline assembly, additional tooling, and our value-added services are critical aspects of the process. Every part of production has its role in our precision metal stamping services, no matter the complexity or time consumption. For example, the deburring stage for stamped and tooled parts is critical in many ways for the production of a truly high-quality part.

Deburring is one of our value-added services here at R&M High Speed Stamping, and it’s a key stage in our finishing process for metal stamped parts. As simplistic as it may seem in comparison with complex rapid prototyping and precision metal stamping, the deburring process is necessary for the completion of a part. Without the deburring process, parts can encounter several problems during industrial use, in application or assemblies where wear and edge conditions are critical.

The longevity of any stamped part depends almost exclusively on the quality of production. Even without the deburring process, that part’s longevity can be significantly decreased when burrs increase wear and catch on surrounding materials during part use. This increase in wear limits part lubrication and can even slow production rates in many situations. Not only do burrs negatively affect the life of the part itself, but they can also affect parts around them as they come into contact or simply slow the production process artificially.

In some instances, burrs can even tear into parts and create cracks in the part to which they are attached. Burrs should be considered unwanted parasites damaging what could be a quality part if the removal of those burrs hadn’t been neglected.

Possible failures caused by the neglect of the simple process of deburring can be catastrophic and dangerous in some applications. Fortunately, they’re also easily avoided with the right attention to removing burrs after stamping and tooling are completed. For more information about our other value-added services and our excellence in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact R&M High Speed Stamping at (763) 533-1501 today.