Importance of High Performance Blanking with Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

With each part we manufacture with our abilities in precision metal stamping, our engineers start with a blanking operation that creates the fundamental base of a finished piece. From the design process to the stamping floor, all of our parts need a high-quality beginning in order to have a high-quality ending. R&M High Speed Stamping specializes in creating parts of excellence in form and function. This production requires every stage to show the same quality and excellence. A significant step in the process of comprehensive precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, is blanking and the many standardized operations that go with it.

Blanking is often considered one of the most foundational operations in the process of fabricating most types of metal stamped parts. In the realm of precision stamping, all operations with blanking and tandem stages must be able to provide the highest accuracy and quality for a successful precision-based part to be made.

R&M High Speed Stamping operations include precision blanking to cut and shear the base form of most parts from sheet metals. Our engineers and blanking dies are equipped to provide a wide range of additional blanking operations.

Blanking Operations at R&M High Speed Stamping

To continue the R&M High Speed Stamping standards in excellence from start to finish, we place great importance on maintaining the quality and extreme accuracy in all of our blanking operations, including the following:

  • standard blanking for cutting base part forms from sheet metal
  • shearing and trimming for cutting away sections of a blank
  • piercing/punching for cutting holes and sections into a blank
  • lancing for combining shearing and bending into a single operation
  • perforating for piercing several holes at once
  • notching for trimming sections away from the edges of a blank

With our expert abilities in blanking operations, R&M High Speed Stamping is able to use skill in production to manufacture base blanks used in creating the final precision-based part. Our customers can rely on our excellence in blanking as well as our continued excellence in part design and rapid prototypingprecision metal stamping, online and offline value-added servicessubassembly, packaging, and just-in-time delivery.

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