The Relevance of PPAP for Automotive Parts Made With Precision Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN

One of the largest industries in the U.S. is the automotive industry. This is in part because of the high demand of vehicles for daily transportation, goods transportation, public transit, sports, luxury, and fun. However, the parts production that goes into making up the hundreds of sections of each vehicle also adds a significant aspect to the automotive industry. R&M High Speed Stamping fulfills an import role in automotive parts production by supplying crucial pieces from electrical components to fuel system components and more. These high quality parts are made possible with our experience in precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, and the values that using the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) system offers.

PPAP was largely developed by the AIAG to establish common ground for the expectations of the quality of customer relations, production, and product. At R&M High Speed Stamping, following the PPAP plays an important role in how we approach the following aspects of our supply services to the automotive industry.

Client: When we begin working with a customer in the automotive industry, the first part of the process is for our engineers, customer service department, and other production staff members to fully understand the needs of that customer. This includes everything from part specifications and timelines to quantity and budget. Without prioritizing the client needs before beginning the process of design and production, the industry as a whole would see negative results, whereas today there are positive, quality results when working with R&M High Speed Stamping.

Production: The next step in the process of supplying quality precision stamped automotive parts is to focus on how the standards of the PPAP guides our design and production. With our abilities in CAD/CAM part projections and rapid prototyping, the design process sets the foundation for precision metal stamping excellence. Our state-of-the-art stamping and tooling equipment also plays a large role in contributing to R&M High Speed Stamping’s PPAP-approved automotive parts production.

Control: Our production process is strong when it stands alone, but what really pushes our precision stamping excellence to the highest possible caliber is our quality management control. Following the guidelines of the PPAP has given R&M High Speed Stamping production the basis for excellence as a standard. That basis, along with our additional services such as Quality Assurance and Just In Time Delivery, works to continually improve our abilities in customer relations and the metal stamping process.

The PPAP offers guidelines for every step of our work in providing parts to the automotive industry, but it also creates the blueprints for establishing a continued dedication to improvement and excellence. For more information about PPAP and our precision metal stamping in Minneapolis, MN, contact R&M High Speed Stamping at (763) 533-1501 today.